B. Internships

Temporary jobs, whether formally called internships or not, can be a valuable experience to:

(i) help you better understand your own skills and interests as well as to

(ii) indicate to potential employers your interest in their business or industry.

While next summer may seem a long way off, this is a good time to begin preparation to apply for internships.


There are a couple key steps to prepare:

(i) I recommend taking the online tests available in this directory, to help you better understand your strengths and interests;

(ii) Prepare a resume, even if the internship application process involves filling out a special form. You’ll benefit from thinking about how you describe yourself.

(iii) Create a LinkedIn page which is free and which largely uses the information from your resume. Consider adding a video to your LinkedIn page which Dennis McCarthy will create for you for free.

(iv) Identify internship opportunities in:

  • a. cities in which you’d like to work or have housing which is affordable;
  • b. industries which interest you for your potential career.

(v) Flag the dates on which applications are due so you don’t miss them. In some cases, there is a first date on which applications can be submitted. Consider being an early applicant to stand out with the company.

(vi) Prepare the applications and rereed for typo’s.

For item (iv), I have started a list of internships. This is not a definitive list but a start.

Top 100 Internships – https://www.nationalinternday.com/top100-2019

Government Internships – There are many opportunities for paid internships for students and recent graduates within the federal government. The following are websites with information and lists of opportunities which should provide some help in digging out the applications.

Offer to Help

Dennis McCarthy and other members of the TAC community are willing to help you in reviewing resumes and applications. Waiting until the last minute, however, my preclude much practical assistance.

Dennis McCarthy