1. Graduate School Admission Exams

If you are considering graduate school, do yourself a favor and plan to take a graduate school admission exam.

Which Graduate Admission Exam?

This article describes the different exams used for different graduate degree programs – https://www.thoughtco.com/graduate-school-admissions-exams- 1685891.

Your score on the admissions exam will help you determine your prospects for getting in the graduate program of your goals.


Also, you should prepare to take the exam. For each graduate admission exam, there are training books and online sites (Khan Academy) with practice exams. These training resources provide tips and tricks to help you perform better on the exams. Your competitors are using these books and you should too.

I firmly believe that you can raise your score by learning the tips and tricks. It’s also likely to make the test less stressful as you’ll know what to expect on the exam.

If you plan ahead, you can prepare during the summer or during breaks. Take preparation seriously.

When to Take the Test?

Is it too obvious to say “after you prepare”? Other than that, the sooner in the school year the better. Many valuable scholarships require early submission.

Also, once you know your score, you can better judge just which programs are feasible so you can focus your efforts. Graduate school’s websites typically list the median graduate admission exam scores and undergraduate grade point averages of incoming students.